At Starzz Design and Decor it’s all in the details. When it comes to table arrangements it is more than just a stunning centerpiece. It is the overall design and concept of the tables at which your guests sit at, and of course the bride and groom. With diligent design plans, we address the overall table and its surroundings. Each item is chosen to compliment the theme of your special event or wedding reception and arranged in accordance to be as aesthetically pleasing as the rest of your wedding celebrations and decor!

Starzz Designs and Décor is obsessed over the details. Maybe this is why we have managed to make all our wedding couples happy and satisfied. Family and friends are people who deserve to witness your union with your soul mate. Why keep them busy with all the arrangements? Why not hire a firm that saves your interests, gives exactly what you want and allows your loved ones to live every moment of your special day?

With the same aim – to save your interests, to provide you with everything you want and to let your loved ones witness every second of your wedding, the team at Starzz Designs and Decor provides you excellent wedding tablescapes facility and services in Toronto, Brampton and around. Table arrangements might appear easy and believed to be self – manageable. But, stress and haste approach when reality hits in. table arrangements are much more than just a centre piece or a red ribbon tied prettily across.

When you do not miss out even the plates your guests shall eat in, why compromise on the look of the tables? Tables are important places that need attention, decoration and sophistication as well. Why? Because your guests sit there!

To make up for a perfect ambience, everything has to be spick and span and in its place. We have creative minds on board that can give tables the simplest of looks and still make the ambience pretty. We believe that the aura has to be positive and a visual treat to not just the guests, but to the bride and groom as well, after all, it is their wedding day!

Our fuel is the trust you invest in us. Our driving force is the passion we work with. And our passion has made us cross milestones and helped us execute if the most difficult of ideas and demands. If it is a theme you want to proceed with or a simple, pretty wedding with flowers and fragrance, we have everything that it takes to compliment the entire setting. Our plans are error proof and its execution is a visual treat.

No plans in mind? Still, there is nothing to worry about! In accordance with the theme of your wedding or the entire setting of your wedding, we decorate tablescapes manually and make it go parallel with everything else. We have actual experts and professionals who take their time and sit down with you to learn about your needs and expectations from us. Their creativity is then poured out tables that even makes the food all the more tasty!

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