Reception Decor

It’s official and now it’s time to party! Doors swing open and it’s the grand bride and groom entrance and the stage is all yours. At Starzz we make sure you and your guests are left in awe of the atmosphere they enter.Our creative design team can transform an indoor or outdoor reception of your dreams, with details leading down to the colour of lighting for the stage and reception! With our wide variety of decor, stage frames, pillars we can match your theme, colour scheme and outfits (details matter)and join them in perfect harmony.You envision and we execute!

It is time to celebrate the special day with everyone you know. Your wedding day was full of rituals and arrangements, not forgetting the love in the air. It is now time to have fun and party!

Dance along on some groovy music, a slow love song with your beloved one or on a party song with your family and friends. Enjoy the lip smacking because a cheat day on the reception of your wedding is fully justified. Own the stage and drench yourself in love, happiness and positivity. And arrangements? Well, that is something you have to strike off your list because that is being taken care of!

Starzz Design and Décor is here to make not just the stage but the night yours! We are experts when it comes reception décor and other arrangements that follow. We make it a point to give you and your guests a truly thrilling and unimaginable experience. Prepare yourselves, for you are about to experience awe and amuse as soon as you witness the atmosphere. We guarantee you a classy, simple and sophisticated aura with stunning and eye – pleasing designs.

Constraints like an outdoor reception or an indoor reception never really bothered us or stopped us from giving you excellent and satisfactory services. On this day, all you have to do is enjoy and live the moment. We take care of all the arrangements including the décor. We are a group of some really talented and creative individuals that know what fits where and how well. We never make it look too simple or too loud. We leave spaces necessarily undecorated but fill them with love, compassion, happiness and positivity thus, leaving no room for regrets.

We make the stage the centre of the evening so that you own and shine all night! We take care of the slightest of details like the colours, the lights, the fabric used and even the flowers. Everything is kept in its right place before our beloved bride and groom make a grand entry. Your reception will the heart of your wedding days, we assure you that.

The theme is our primary focus. The stage, the pillars, the tables, the floral designs and even your outfits are decided to make all of it look simply perfect! You dream, we make it come true.

If this is exactly what you want, contact us right away and let us together make things happen!

What are you waiting for? Contact us for your reception decor needs and let’s celebrate!

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