It takes a lot to organize a wedding or an event, we have coordinated many weddings already and with practice comes the perfection.

Regardless if your wedding is of a larger or small gathering it requires an equal attention to detail and we are here to do exactly that. We have all the time in the world to make your special day a perfect one.

We will look after the entire wedding planning from start to finish and make sure your special day runs smooth.


Corporates always want to have a spectacular event to represent best ideas. Hiring an event planner for an event is most crucial decision, as you have to trust on somebody for your precious event. Planning an event isn’t solely about guest list and making sure that guests are comfortable in every aspect.

A corporate event is also about the theme featuring specific event design and decor, to make the guests stay longer and more interested. An event planner can provide anything as aspired by the client. Each and every detail is to be idealized creatively. While you are planning on the main event to achieve your objective, hiring a professional corporate event planner is an optimum choice.

The corporate event planner carefully planes the whole event to make is as productive as possible. For corporate events, the planning should start before itself, right at the time of inviting the attendees. With so many options available to build up excitement in attendees, corporate event planners can give you suitable options for your event, like event marketing campaign are about creating theme or brand.

Email marketing is chosen for most of the corporate events, but only after collaborating with the planner you get to know the best within the budget. An event planner works on the finer details while you get to concentrate on the main event. Corporate event is about the attendees being able communicate. The best is represented to exhibit the purpose of the event.

To make the event to have a positive response, entertainment is planned out in advance. Entertainment needs careful planning by making sure to get attention of attendees. Involving attendees is also considered depending on the theme. The entertainment is to get excitement in attendees, the main objective is not compromised. These planners have the best ideas for your budget plan giving you wide options than for what you have come.


Corporate event planning involves having inventive event design and décor. You may have great idea to achieve your objective for the event, but getting your attendees excited about the event is prominently about the theme with creative design and decor to represent your brand or nonprofit.

Designing the entrance for your corporate event epitomizing the theme is most important aspect of an event planner. First impression from attendees comes with the entrance. Some simple entrances like a red carpet or carpet looking like road, make great entrances because of the elegance bought by the color or by representing success. While you collaborate your ideas with us, we put our best for a successful corporate event with your suitable budget plan.

Decor inside the hall should be beyond your attendees’ imagination. From the invitations, it is clear about your objectives for attendees, when they get surprised with the entire presentation, let it be great keynote speakers or the event design and decor, they get an experience they won’t forget soon. The place they sit, the stage they see, the food they have; everything is planned before and relevant to the theme to have a wonderful time.


We have professional event designers for your imagination to come true. Event designers give other possibilities, thus increasing your imagination and freedom of choice. The obtained result turns out more than expected. Once a Design is decided, the raw materials required are arranged and work is started.

Designing the place is started beforehand. Whereas designing the whole event must be started as soon as possible. Making sure that most of the attendees attend the event depends on how much they get excited. Creating excitement by event designers with creative ideas brings out the high response.

Timing plays a crucial role, your event will need a full course meal, if held during lunch or dinner time. Many types of entertainment need certain timing to get the best outcome. Arranging a dance show after meal, doesn’t excite attendees. Event designers plan out each and every detail, so as to avoid any conflicts during the event. Even in presence of unheralded conflict, the team works on resolving it and lets you work on the main objective.


A few years ago, event planning was not a professional industry and the people used to plan their special day or event themselves. But with the passage of time, the event planning industry has taken all the worries off the people and has provided the facility of making their special day or events well managed, unique and memorable. Today, people want perfection in their events and prefer to hire professional event planners.

Starzz Decor & Design is one amongst the Toronto event planners which can handle the above requirements. We cover a wide range of areas like wedding planning, award ceremonies, children’s birthday parties, field trips, cruises, parties, seminars and business meetings. We are one of the best Toronto event planners which will never make any mistake and will let your event go successfully. We work with complete dedication and will make your special day unique and successful.

The following points are kept in mind by us while planning your event and let it work in a smooth manner:


Time is the most important point which needs to be remembered in event planning. Before planning an event, we decide the final date with the client and makes sure that we have at least two months on hand for the preparation for the event. We also try our best to organize the event better if we have more or less time. We make the best planning and arrangements for each and everything like the venue, food, budget, guest list, music, interior appointment services and more.

We also discuss the date of the event with the venue owner at least one month before and makes sure it is available on the date of the D-day. We also make sure that if there would be the need for any kind of changes they would be able to do them or not. We also provide the best consultation and suggestions which will be very beneficial for making the arrangements.


The second important thing kept in mind while planning the event is the budget of the client. We make sure that we provide the best arrangements within the budget of the clients. We make the planning and arrangements by keeping the budget in mind. We make a list of all the required things for the event and provide them all within the budget. Even with a small budget, we make the best arrangements for our clients.

We make a complete checklist of your event and keep checking it to make sure that all the work is being performed accordingly.

Starzz Decor & Design offers a logistic planning and seamless design, enlisting a team, of trusted vendors and event professionals to ensure that your event runs flawlessly.

Our planning services along with design services include:

Alignment of a comprehensive deadline calendar and detailed timeline creation
Best-of contract management, selection, vendor referrals and venue
Overall development of design vision and overseeing the event planning process
Representation in all vendor and venue negotiations
Coordination of all paper product design, mailing, and production
Detailed logistics management and budget planning
On-site, event flow, details, timing and day-of event management of vendors
Destination-event logistics and out-of-town guest coordination
We at Starzz Decor & Design thrive on delighting guests and exceeding client expectations, down to every refined detail. We thrive on creating unforgettable moments and are committed to attentive services.

We love to connect to discuss and develop the best plan for the needs of the clients with unique and customized packaging.

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